Casa Quelite


To all of whom we had the pleasure of meeting during our time as keepers of the inn “El Castillo” 2002-04: 

After four years we find ourselves on our feet and are taking this opportunity to extend the invitation to come visit us at our “Casa Quelite (kay-lee-tay),” located in the mission village of Tilaco, Querétaro half way the distance between Xilitla, (in San Luis Potosi state) and Jalpan, (in Querétaro state).

Tilaco is one of the five Franciscan Missions found within the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve that together share UNESCO recognition as “World Heritage Sites.”

Our mission is to provide a comfortable place of rest to travelers with delicious, healthy food and the opportunity to experience the natural and cultural richness of this unique mountainous region, while promoting its conservation to insure its future.

Carmen Arroyo

Henry Miller